Dark Millennium: WH40K-RPG


Final Sanction

Imperial Date 5 094 817.M41
Thought for the day:If you want peace, prepare for war.

Status: less than 30% complete

Part 1: Baptism By Fire

Mission Objectives:

The Deathwatch Space Marines , in providing support to the overhwhelmed Planetary Defense Forces, must keep the Rebel Hordes at bay and complete a number of Turning Points that can tip the balance of the battle for better or for worse.

Force Organization:

Hq2Lexicanium Buliwyf (Space Wolves Librarian)
Troops2Brother Alucard (Blood Angels Assault Marine); Brother Bailin (Dark Angels Devastator Marine); Brother Dumas (Utramarines Tactical Marine); Brother Elyas (Dark Angels Assault Marine); Brother Freyhold (Space Wolves Tactical Marine); Brother Lucian (Ultramarines Apothecary); Brother Sepheran (Blood Angels Devastator Marine)


The Planetary Defense Force (600 men strong), under the assault of the Rebel Hordes (numbering easily in the thousands), have set up a fortified position of about 200 meters across, with a killing ground of 50 meters beyond the makeshift perimeter.
The Deathwatch kill Team deploy from the chapel steps.

Round 1:
Adopting a Fire for Effect Codex Attack Pattern, the Deathwatch Kill Team easily decimates the initial wave of Rebel Hordes (magnitude 30) despite its attempt to close-in, most notably due to the devastation provided by the team’s heavy bolters. Cohesion becomes disrupted at the end of the round with the team’s assault marines maneuver to engage the rebel leader.

Round 2:
With the next wave of the Rebel Horde (magnitude 40) close behind the first, the Space Marines enter into melee.
Several rebel heavy stubber teams have found elevated position at the edge of the killing ground raking the PDF lines.



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