Sister Seelyn

Alus Nova SoB


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They were right in front of her – five Firewarriors, their backs to her, just waiting for her blade to cut them down in the name of the Emperor. She had been separated from her squad which had caused her distress at first, but now she clearly saw that it was a blessing from the Emperor himself – for had she remained with her squad she would have never found these five pitiful warriors.
Gripping her chainsword tightly she prepared to run from her cover behind the rubble of a ruined building. She took one step and was weighed down immediately by a heavy grip from behind her. Instinctively she slashed her chainsword in the direction of her captor. The sword hit something incredibly hard and the sound of metal on metal was heard. Realizing the sword was doing nothing added to the fact that she was still alive prompted her to deactivate the chainsword’s blade and lower her weapon.
She turned to face the powerful being that had stayed her charge. A tower of a man was standing with his monstrous hand still holding her shoulder lightly. From the insignia on the armor he was wearing she presumed he was a Space Marine from the Space Wolf Chapter.
“Wait,” in a gruf voice was all he said. She started to protest but he held up his other hand, indicating she stay quiet. Then he pointed towards the Firewarriors. In a second they were vaporized by falling ordinance from an overhead Thunderhawk Gunship.
“Why did you stop me?” she demanded.
“You would have been vaporized along with them had I not stopped you.”
“Then I would have died a glorious death serving the Emporer!”
“War is not always about glory young Battle Sister. Think carefully. Would the Emporer rather you ‘gloriously’ die fighting five those Xenos or live to fight and defeat a thousand more foes? Which option is worth more to the Imperium?”
She thought this over carefully, considering each option. The first option supported all she had learned while becoming a Battle Sister – death in battle was the ultimate sacrifice for the Emporer. However, the second option supported her logic and common sense – surviving to fight a thousand more foes was worth more to the Imperium than her dying fighting five Xenos that the Thunderhawk Gunship could have and easily did destroy.
“I see your side of the story and I thank you for your actions.” was her reply to his question.

It was then that twenty more Firewarriors appeared where the five had stood a moment before…

Sister Seelyn

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